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Plants, Mulch, & Edging
Plantings - We have been installing plants for many years and have a very high survival rate on our plantings.  One of the best ways to have a successful planting is to follow the planting instructions and to choose a plant that fits your soil type, drainage, and light requirements.  Proper watering of the plant after installation will almost always guarantee a successful installation.
Mulch - Every year we install  large quantities of bark mulch and decorative stone products.  One of our largest jobs involved over 40 tons of decorative granite.  We offer a high quality commercial landscape fabric for underneath stone products, this fabric allows air and moisture to pass through as well as being able to hold moisture for extended periods during the onset of a drought. 
Edging - Our most popular of edging today is the double brick, it offers a unique look, is easy to maintain, eliminates the need for string trimming, and can be repaired easily.  New self healing joint compounds have made brick edging even easier to maintain.  We also offer installation of traditional plastic edging which does not require staking.