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Design & Planning
Design and Planning is the most critical part of any project.  Without this important element an idea can lead to wasted time, money and potential safety issues with your project.
So you have an idea or you're looking for one, well, you  came to the right place.  With our combined knowledge and experience we can come up with a solution that should fit your needs.  You don't want to rush this stage, because if you do, some factors may be left out or not realized until later.  We only want to do your project once, the right way, with all factors in place.  Although some projects may not require additional thought. 
This is the time to check if you need a permit for your project.  The right person to call is usually your local building inspector, you may need to check your town hall or municipal building for more information.  They may require a drawing or plan of the project, fees may apply.
Now it's time to send your idea to the drawing board.  A design will help show that both parties are on the same page with what needs to be done and will allow for an accurate estimate of the project cost.  Lawn Enforcement can provide these designs for you for a fee or you can supply your own design which Lawn Enforcement can base it's free estimate off of.  Your supplied design may not have to be to scale, but should show accurate measurements of the area.  Not all projects will require a design. 
Please enjoy the slide show presentation of the designs we've created.


Once your design has been approved, proposal signed, and down payment received, it's time to work your project into our schedule.  This whole process usually takes 4-6 weeks to finalize.   
Diggers Hotline will be contacted by Lawn Enforcement one week prior to installation of your project.  Please note that private lines will not be marked by Diggers Hotline.  You should inform Lawn Enforcement of any private lines at the first meeting.  Examples include; propane tank lines, electric lines from your house to a detached garage, irrigation systems, low voltage lighting, etc.  Also keep in mind if you have a septic system, drain field, and well.
After installation we will provide maintenance instructions which may be verbal or written.  An Invoice will be issued shortly there after for the balance due.
We offer 3 types of design, each one has its own advantages.  The first type of design and most common is called Image Editor, it's best suited for shrubs, perennials, and some kinds of retaining walls.  A before picture is used, preferably with old shrubs, etc. removed, and then I go to work adding your stuff.  I can then e-mail the results to you and make changes accordingly.
The second type is a 3-D design that can be drawn to scale, it's best suited for retaining walls, patios, and special construction.  This type takes considerable time, but can be very helpful in the design process.
The third type is an overhead drawing, this is the oldest method, and has been used for centuries.  It helps show the layout of the entire property and where things will be happening.  This is also a very time consuming process.
Design fees may be credited to your account upon signed contract.