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Lawn Enforcement offers Consultation services for the home "do it yourselfers".  If your like most people who don't have boatloads of money at your disposal than this might be your ticket to a professional looking installation done all by yourself or with some help from Lawn Enforcement.  Shown below is a couple examples of what I'm talking about.  We also offer full service for your project if it turns out bigger than what you had anticipated.
It's best to contact Lawn Enforcement before you start your project so we can use our expertise to guide you through the steps of construction the right way, before things start getting messed up.
The pond project is a great example of customer involvement and he saved himself over $6,000.00 in labor and materials. 
The retaining wall project is another good example, this time another company sought our professional help for one of their best clients.  They supplied some labor and equipment as well as Lawn Enforcement and together we completed this beautiful wall.
Please enjoy the slide show presentation of our "do it yourself landscapes".